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Montreal, Quebec

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Pre Purchase, Tenant & Building Background Report


A specialty of Kaur Property Management, our Tenant Background Report TM  provides a detailed report on a prospective tenant including credit history, employment history and of historical Regie du Logement information


For propspective properties that are beign purchased information on present and past tenants is quite important.


Our Tenant Background Report TM provides information on any and all Regie de Logement cases for the building, for the current residents in the building as well as past tenants.  The report will provide insight into the following:

  • Comparables in the Area - rent and sales

  • Current Tenants that pay late

  • Tenant Abandonment rates for the building

  • Current Tenants that habitually contest rent increases to the Regie

  • Complaints about lack of repairs

  • Complaints re: pest and rodent infestations 

Do not invest in a property without generating this report!