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Montreal, Quebec

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Revenue vs. Cost



Revenue vs. Cost - - Keep one high, minimize the other.  Most property managers see a reduction in operating costs of 15-20% once KPM takes over management of a property. 


KPM employs top quality contractors but at reasonable prices.  All our vendors have an established relationship with KPM.  Some of the areas where cost is driven out include:

  • Plumbing work (minor & major)

  • Roofing

  • Painting & general apartment renovations

  • Heating & Ventilation

  • Electrical work

  • Laying tiles and floorwork

  • Sanding & Varnishing Hardwood

  • Snow removal

Because these vendors work on several projects within several buildings as part of a partnership with KPM, they can charge considerably less than vendors found in the Yellow Pages or elsewhere.   The quality of their work remains outstanding.