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Montreal, Quebec

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The KPM Do Not Rent List


Throughout the years we have encountered many bad tenants that have caused much hardship to our clients as well as our firm.  Sharing of information between property owners is critical to ensuring owners avoid being victims of tenants that lie to hide their poor rental pasts.


Although we cannot legally recommend not to rent to these individuals, we would strongly caution against doing so.


NOTE: No personal information is disclosed.  All the data below is readily available in Provincial or State Rental Board Records


Archie McDonald - unpaid rent, history of eviction

Arthur Iskandarov - late rent, unpaid rent, history of eviction, damage to rental unit, disturbed neighbors, drug use

Claudette "Ezra" Forrester - late rent, unpaid rent, history of eviction

Mark Fournillier - late rent, unpaid rent, damage to rental unit, agressive behavior, drug use, disturbed neighbors

Paul Silverman - severe case of unpaid rent (5 months), very long history of eviction from apartment to apartment over the last 5-6 years.  Average landlord is frauded at least out of $3000

Nauja Finniken - severe case of unpaid rent (4 months), disputes increases, disrupts neighbors, fled apartment despite lease

Claudio De Cotisagressive and threatening behavior

N'Nabintou Fofana - agressive behavior, late rent, severe damage to unit

Yasser Harrak - unpaid rent, fled apartment despite a lease

Judith Wilson - disputes legal rent increases without reason, caused severe damage to apartment through negligence and refused to pay

Fatimah Thomas - severe case of unpaid rent, fled apartment despite a lease

Thomas Thomas - severe case of unpaid rent, agressive behavior

David Turnbull - severe case of unpaid rent (3 months), evicted. 

Nargesse Drissi - fled unit despite a lease, chronic liar, very difficult to deal with

Nicole & Carol-Anne Besler - Sister roommates, originally from Vancouver, in Montreal they fled apartment despite a lease causing landlord severe hardship

Arturo Nieri  - consistent late payer, fled apartment with 2 months unpaid rent

Christine Thompson - fled with 3 months owing, very late rent payer, constant complaints, constant excuses and lies for her continuous late payments

Errol Scarlett- very late rent payer, aggressive and rude, fled.

Frank Agostino very dirty, ruined apartment, fled despite a lease. 

Wesley Etienne - many months of unpaid rent, ruins apartment

Haby Dialo refused visits of property, left property extremely dirty

Luyeye Sukusa & Mizele Muzangi - extremely dirty, constant parties, very disrespectful

Staphane Hamel - major headache tenant, doesnt respect rules or conditions of lease.  Broke things without repairing, did not allow visits

Hong Shen, Karim Bathliy  - unstable, vandalises property.  Very dirty.  Avoid.

Antoine Sliwowski - major headache tenant, unannounced midnight move without paying trent

Guylaine Buyold8 months of unpaid rent, ruined apartment then fled