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Montreal, Quebec

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Some testimonials from customers:


"No one was interested in managing my property as it wasn't a high-rise multi-apartment building.  KPM not only was willing, but excelled at it" - Armen


"Meticulous, is how I would describe KPM's work - they rented our home and they left no rock unturned in terms of researching and checking the background of the potential tenants." - Christine


"If an applicant for rent is gonna be a problem they will know about it and advise you against renting to them.  They look out for their clients, not for the quick commission" - Jean


"My house wouldn't sell.  KPM convinced us to try the rental market.  They found us wonderful tenants and at a great rent in four days!" - Marie-Josee


"KPM was able to rent my property in 10 days. Their professional and knowledgeable service ensured that we got excellent tenants with no headache"  - Linda


"Great prices for services that are top notch!" - Geatane


"In a few months, my building with several problem tenants was cleaned up into a well-managed, appealing and profitable apartment building"    -William