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Montreal, Quebec

Sourcing Tenants 1 Unit Condo-Assoc Price Want to Rent? Consultation Background NR-4 Do Not Rent List




Do you sell your property or should you rent?  Are you moving and have a tough decision to make? 


Are you completely new to real estate and need guidance?


KPM offers consulting services to owners who need professional advice.  


For instance, if help is required in market analysis on how much rent to expect or how much to ask for if sales is the chosen option. 


We also assist in finding and hiring a certain repair vendor for a repair or maintenance task.


Or if a client simply wants a credit and background check or advice on an eviction or potential legal litigation.



Other Services we gladly provide include:

  • Property Sales by Licensed Realtors
  • Accounting filings such as NR-6 for Non Residents with rental income.

  • For Sale by Owner services

  • Condominium management

  • Rental Board

  • Building Inspection

  • Plan & Supervise Preventive Maintenance of Property

  • Conciergerie services

  • Sourcing insurance policies and reducing insurance costs

  • Bill payments including utilities and property taxes

  • Pre-sale and post-sale inspection work

  • Landscaping

  • Pre-move apartment renovations & cleaning

  • Extermination of pests and rodents

  • Locksmith work